Attend the Next LPU Chat Party Oct. 9th & Summit Special Party on Nov. 4

Attend the Next LPU Chat Party Oct. 9th & Summit Special Party on Nov. 4

LPFC staff member Jack

LPFC staff member Jack

We are so sorry about the long break, but the LPU chat parties are finally back in LPU-City! Our staff member Jack Collin will host the next one on Thursday, October 9th at 7.30pm UK time. If you are not sure how this converts into your time zone, go HERE!
Enjoy the time with your fellow LPUers: new members can use this possibility to get to know the others a bit more and…

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LPU: HQ Chat and Lottery for Meet & Greet in Brazil

LPU: HQ Chat and Lottery for Meet & Greet in Brazil

LPU HQ will be on Chat to answer all questions regarding LPU at 3PM PST Tuesday, 30 September. LPU 14 launches this November, so now is the time to ask regarding current memberships, renewals and what to expect in the coming months!

Also, the LPU Meet & Greet Lottery for the Brazil shows on October 18th in Belo Horizonte and October 19th in Brasilia are now open and will close on October 13th,…

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Joe Hahn Featured on Loudwire’s “Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?”

Watch Joe Hahn on Loudwire’s unique play on interview with their series “Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?” Sadly for Loudwire, Linkin Park fans are on top of their favorite band’s facts, so we have more elaboration on correct information off their Wiki page- like working special effects on The X-Files- than laughs on outrageous “facts.”

Music for Relief & Sevenly: Fashion for Light in Haiti

Music for Relief & Sevenly: Fashion for Light in Haiti

You asked for it, now you’ve got it- Music for Relief partnered up with Sevenly this week only to both bring you the great tees to show off your support to Music for Relief and bring Haiti the light they need.

For every item sold this week on, they will gift $7 to Music for Relief to Power the World and bring solar light bulbs to families in Haiti.


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PHOTO SPAM! Joe Hahn’s Beast Astray at Known Gallery: First Impressions

PHOTO SPAM! Joe Hahn’s Beast Astray at Known Gallery: First Impressions

The Beast Astray show for Joe’s movie “Mall” opens tonight at Known Gallery and if you can, you should definitely go, because the artist line up kicks balls from here to Trinidad. Also make sure to read this interview about the show.

Social Media can be super awesome – especially when Known Gallery has the artists post detail photos of their contributions on Instagram and Twitter! Check out some…

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HYPEBEAST Interviews Joe Hahn and Artists of BEAST ASTRAY Mall Art Show

HYPEBEAST has a round-table interview with film director and curator Joe Hahn and contributing artists Bom.K, Ron English and Saber for BEAST ASTRAY, an exhibit opening tomorrow at Known Gallery with artistic interpretations of MALL, Hahn’s debut film set for select theaters October 17th next month.

NEW LPTV: Carnivores Tour – Part 1

Just moments ago the Linkin Park YouTube channel released a new LPTV episode featuring the beginning of the US Carnivores tour.

“Champions for sustainable energy” Chester and Mike were joined at the Social Good Summit by Kumi Naidoo, Bill McKibben, and Andrew Freedman to speak about climate justice.

To start- how do they define climate justice and environmental justice, and how is it progressing? Naidoo explains that the people suffering the most from climate impacts are not even mostly responsible for the emissions; climate justice would be to approach the move to abandon oil, coal and gas. Rich nations must give substantial amounts of aid to help developing countries cope with the impact of climate change- which is happening now, happening every day.

The struggle is about ensuring humanity’s ability to coexist with nature in a mutually independent way, believes Naidoo, and ensuring the future of our younger generations. That’s why he calls it climate justice.

Bill AcKibben adds that climate justice, of course, implies there is climate injustice, which certain peoples and companies are guilty of. For twenty-five years we’ve had warnings of the consequences from scientists and economists, but nothing has been done- the power of the fossil-fuel industry has such influence, willing to destroy the planet for money.

Actions are now being taken, but the question now is whether we can make the right movements fast enough to matter at this point in time.

Mike starts speaking on how [Music for Relief] started, remembering being open to start the project as long as they stayed out of the politics; nonetheless, they’re passionate most about the fact that it’s a humanitarian issue. And [Music for Relief] helps Linkin Park reach the fans that need such information and issues condensed and made simple to understand. Make it exciting and hopeful instead of using fear tactics.

Chester goes to define climate injustice as the fact that there are people burning dung and dangerous materials for energy, and it’s not just hurting them; whether in a rural area or in a highly advanced city, each person is feeling the impact.

“And we have the power to change it. Provide power to the world.”

Now, how have Linkin Park approached the fact that they have more than 60 million followers on Facebook alone, Freedman asks, how have they channeled their outreach towards their humanitarian movements?

As fans, we of course know the band tries to keep us as involved as possible because we want to, not because they are, as Mike says, preaching- take Recharge, for example. Playing this game developed by the band and creative creators, we are “solving the problem that existed in the game, in the real world” by raising awareness and buying certain items for our characters. hence donating to the cause.

Let’s not forget all their other actions to involve us for climate change and humanitarian moves; Power the World, text-to-donate at concerts, campaigns that reward us such as the latest during Carnivores Tour- $13,000 total was raised for the fight against Ebola, the fan to raise the most offered a VIP experience for their hard work.

Watch the entire panel set below, Naidoo continuing on and explain how “the time for words is over.” However, though the time for words is over and action is needed, Chester reminds us, “if there ever was a time for people to use their voices and be heard, and have impact, it is today.”

We need to collectively raise our voices. Now is the time. #2030NOW
Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda: Badasses at the Social Good Summit “Champions for sustainable energy” Chester and Mike were joined at the Social Good Summit by Kumi Naidoo, Bill McKibben, and Andrew Freedman to speak about climate justice.

Fan Review: Carnivores Tour in Quincy, 09/13/2014 by Jon Buttermore

Fan Review: Carnivores Tour in Quincy, 09/13/2014 by Jon Buttermore

To start things off, driving to this venue you would’ve sworn you were in the middle of nowhere deep in the desert. Well, you were. We were able to snag a terrace camping spot which was a fifteen minute walk to the venue. The Gorge Amphitheater backdrop is the Columbia River and is famous for its lawn seat view as it overlooks a cliff.

We were gladly joined by Corey Messineo who was doing the…

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Fan Review: Carnivores Tour in Hollywood, 09/15/2014 by Areli Mendoza

Fan Review: Carnivores Tour in Hollywood, 09/15/2014 by Areli Mendoza

I went to the Los Angeles show for Carnivores Tour on September 15, 2014 at the historic Hollywood Bowl. It was the only Carnivores Tour I was able to attend, but after all that went down, I’m so grateful I got to go.

This is my second Linkin Park and third 30 Seconds To Mars concert. Both their music has inspired me so much; the lyrics to their music is the soundtrack of my life. I can’t seem to…

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