LPFC Travel Blog: 3 Shows and 1 Summit of the Carnivores Tour

LPFC Travel Blog: 3 Shows and 1 Summit of the Carnivores Tour

Last week marked the beginning of my first trip for Carnivores Tour and first of two US Summits. At the last minute I was able to volunteer for Music for Relief at Holmdel, New Jersey, adding a show to my trip much earlier than expected. That same night we headed over to Wantagh, New York for yet another show volunteering for MFR, followed by a fun LPU Meet Up at Darien Lake Amusement Park,…

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Joe Hahn Talks Mall Movie and Comics on Marvel Podcast

Joe Hahn Talks Mall Movie and Comics on Marvel Podcast

Hahn gave Marvel a visit this week to talk about MALL- set for select theaters this Fall- his love for comics, Daredevil and more. Listen to the podcast HERE and enjoy!

For more information on MALL, follow on Twitter and Facebook!

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Mike’s Carnivores Tour Linkin Log #3

Mike’s third installment of the the Carnivores Tour “Linkin Log” is up, this time featuring Phoenix as our favorite hype-man.


We´re reaaaaaaaallly looking for reviewers for the Carnivores Tour!!! 

You can send your reviews and photos to reviews@lpfancorner.com

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